2Q Reviews

Books rated 2Q:

Alien Siege by David Dickens

These Trespasses by Kenneth W. Cain

Fluffs by Daniel I. Russell

Comes the Dark by Patrick D’Orazio

The Real Reason Eric S. Brown Missed a Day of Writing by Kevin Millikin

The Beer Chronicles by Scott Lange

The Devil’s Weekend by Jim Bronyaur

Scarecrow & The Madness by Craig Saunders and Robert Essig

Autumn: Disintegration by David Moody

Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter

The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tale by Mark C. Scioneaux

The Horror Film Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions on Spine Chilling Films by Chris Cowlin and Mark Goddard

D.O.A. – Extreme Horror Collection from Blood Bound Books

Hell Cometh by Todd Card

The Samaritan’s Pistol by Eric Bishop

Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

Snow’s Heat: Prowling Around by Nicole Hicks

Death in the Times of Madness by Michael S. Gardner

Shutter Speed by Mark Taylor

The Red Empire and Other Stories by Joe McKinney

Straight to You by David Moody

The Fierce and Unforgiving Muse by Gregory L. Norris

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Jeffrey Kosh

Dying Days: Double Set 1 by Armand Rosamilia

Spoil of War by Phoenix Sullivan

Poisoned Web by Crista McHugh

White Out by Eric Dimbleby

Monstrosities by Jeremy C. Shipp

The Klinik by Eric Dimbleby

Muti Nation by Monique Snyman

A Night at the Dream Theater by Mark Taylor

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