Scarecrow & The Madness by Craig Saunders and Robert Essig

Scarecrow & The Madness by Craig Saunders and Robert Essig


Scarecrow by Craig Saunders/The Madness by Robert Essig
ISBN: 978-0984540877
Publisher: Blood Bound Books
Age Group: Adult



Craig Saunders shows he likes twists and turns when he leads you along the dark paths of his mind. He’ll stop to show you the blood and then laugh when you see the disfigured face reflecting in it’s puddled surface.

Bernie and his wife – Margaret – live a simple predictable life in the country, tending their farm. So, when the police come to warn them about gypsies and the possible trouble they can bring, Margaret shrugs it off; she also prevents Bernie from taking action to protect them.

They go about their normal lives, where their biggest concern is Bernie’s liver and Margaret’s efforts to keep him from drinking too much. But things have a way of slapping them in the face when they least expect it, and life takes an ugly turn for the worse…fast!

The gypsies become a bigger issue for the couple than they ever thought possible, straining their relationship to a breaking point.

Scarecrow starts out innocently enough, but by the end you’re left shaking your head at the twisted outcome. I give this story 4 stars for being insane in an interesting way.

The Madness:


Robert Essig lets it all go. He allows blood and chunks of flesh to drip from his mind, into yours, because insanity is his weapon and he’s not afraid to use it. He’ll get his hands dirty and then wipe them on your soul until he has soiled you as well.

A snow storm hits and blankets Colorado with snow. Tony is on his way home from the bank he works at and knows he won’t make it under the conditions. He decides to stop at the closest house in the hopes that they’ll take pity on him and allow him to stay with them until the storm is over.

Dan doesn’t like the idea of Tony staying – it’s not a good time for him with his…issues. But, he gives in to his wife and allows the strange man to stay with a few well placed warnings.

Everything goes smooth for a while. Then morning comes, and with it, insanity!

Tony isn’t who they thought he was – he isn’t even who he thought he was. The Madness takes him and he ends up making a mess, and some mistakes.

Paul – Dan’s son – fights The Madness, and learns the hard way about what his dad was fighting…because he now has it too.

The Madness is riddled with unexpected twists, turns, and complications. You think you know where the story is going to go and then you’re yanked in a completely different direction. There were some places where the story gets confusing and there are some grammar mistakes throughout, but I still enjoyed the story enough to give it 2 QUILL; it’s a great ride.

Rating: 2Q


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