Review List

Books to be reviewed:

The Unwashed Dead by Ian Woodhead

Rise & Walk Gregory Solis

The Plague by David AlanDickens

Angels Blood by Scott Carpenter

Wacktards of the Apocalypse by Timothy W. Long & Johnathan Moon

Fleshbags by Gerald Dean Rice

War Against the Walking Dead by Sean T. Page

Mouch and Company by Bob Dixon

Isolation – Post Mortem Press

Holiday of the Dead – Wild Wolf Publishing

Alienology: Tales from the Void – Library of Horror Press

Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead – Blood Bound Books

Zboat by Suzanne Robb

The Killer & She by Jim Bronyaur

Pulsate: The Old Man and Other Creatures by Jim Bronyaur

Grave Revelations by Kenneth W. Cain

Help Wanted: Tales of On-the-job Terror – Evil Jester Press

Beyond the Barriers by Timothy W. Long

Them or Us by David Moody

The Edge of Madness by Bruce Memblatt

Doors by Jaime Johnesee

The Night of the Beast by Eric S. Brown

A Pack of Wolves II: Skyfall by Eric S. Brown

Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutations, Oh my! by Suzanne Robb

Skin Trade by Tonia Brown

Night of the Squirrels by Eric S. Brown

The Mutilation Machination by Shaun Jeffrey

Apartment 23A by Eugene Cusie

Fever Dreams and Disturbing Visions by Rick Carufel

Marrying Missy by Sarah Elle Emm

The South Will Rise Again by Jeffrey Kosh

If Errands Could Kill by Jim Bronyaur

Lyth: Hymn of the Flesh by Harrison Roberts

The 5000 Fingers of Bob by Gerald Dean Rice

Spiggot: A Depraved Comedy by Craig Saunders

Last Stand in a Dead Land Eric S. Brown

Attic Toys – Evil Jester Press

Evil Jester Digest Volume One – Evil Jester Press

Within the Walls by Jim Bronyaur

The Weaponer by Eric S. Brown

Critique by Daniel I. Russell

Panic Button by Frazer Lee

Drink for the Thirst to Come by Lawrence Santoro

A Pack of Wolves by Eric S. Brown

Phospheinz by Rick Carufel

A Wreck in Progress: Assorted Poetry by Nikolas P. Robinson

Always Remember to Tip Your Ninja by Jeremy Shipp

Knock, Knock by S.P. Miskowski

The Survivor by Ursula K Raphael

Shining in Crimson by Robert S. Wilson

Fervor by Chantal Boudreau

The Other Side of Dead by Ian Woodhead

All the Dark Places by J.W. Bouchard


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