Comes the Dark by Patrick D’Orazio

Comes the Dark by Patrick D’Orazio

Comes The Dark by Patrick D’Orazio
ISBN: 9781453701287
Publisher: Library Of The Living Dead
Age Group: Adult
Comes The Dark is the first in a zombie apocalyptic series by Patrick D’Orazio.

Patrick D’Orazio knows how to suck you into his characters, so that you feel like you’re seeing life, and death, through their eyes.

Comes The Dark starts with Jeff, a man returning to his home and family from a foraging trip, after the zombie apocalypse has ravaged the Earth. What he finds changes his life, his existence, and his soul. He makes the hard decisions necessary to shut out his past and continue his existence in the future.

A journey begins, and along the way an eclectic array of companions are collected, all suffering from the effects of the world as it is now: full of zombies. They struggle with their humanity as they fight against the endless horde of undead shamblers.

Every turn, every town, brings a new challenge and another battle to stay alive. They strive to make the right choices, but every move they make seems to lead them to more trouble.

Will they make it to see the next day? Or the next after that?

This novel was very scrupulous in keeping things ‘real’. So much so, that nothing takes you out of the story, wondering or thinking something might not be possible. The characters are all unique in their own way and compel you to believe they’re real, despite the fiction aspects of the book. I give it a 2 QUILL rating for characterization and realism.

Rating: 2Q



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