Why is my lemon tea red? by Jeff Fleming

Why is my lemon tea red?By Jeff Fleming
Nibble Press
Age Group: Adult
I was honored to receive a copy of “Why is my lemon tea read?” and enjoyed reading fresh poetry. The chap book contained 35 poems and took me maybe 20-30 minutes to read.
Jeff Fleming takes everyday things and makes you think about them in an entirely new texture.The poems ranged in subject matter from an idle moment, to deeper glimpses into life. My favorite of this collection was, “The Music Thumps,” where simple innocence of childhood and the things that can entertain are explored briefly, but even in that time, you see a truth.

The contents also explore, lust, love, loss, frustration, pain, and everyday things that just happen in life.

Although I ‘liked’ most all of the poems, not a single one jumped out and gripped me. The mellow style of the writing just isn’t my favorite. I’m going to have to give this chap book 1 QUILL, even though I did consider giving it two because of Jeff’s use of texture – I just can’t get past the mellow though.

Rating: 1Q