Undead Reflections in a Jaundice Eye by K.B. Cutter

Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter

Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Age Group: Adult

A group of friends goes to a bar to unwind, and there is some conflict because they’re different – not everyone can handle the teasing of people of a different sexual orientation. A scuffle ensues and a man is kicked out of the bar.

After the conflict, they ignore the muted TV that’s telling them of a world meltdown and continue to drink and have a good time. Sex is the plan for later, and be damned anything that might get in the way.

While they’re enjoying themselves and downing more alcohol, the undead uprising is brought to the bar by the return of the disgruntled customer.

Things go south fast for the undead patron, but not before he has his first meal – complete with a side dish of genitals.

The relationships of the survivors fall apart as they try to survive… In the end, carnal desire is the only think to win out until death.

This story was a sexual blast through the world of the undead. The MC is pretty cynical, but that’s what’s needed to survive in sticky situations. At first I found the POV to be a bit erratic, but you get used to it and it all makes sense in the end. I give this book 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q



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