The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tale by Mark C. Scioneaux

The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tales by Mark C. Scioneaux


The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tales by Mark C. Scioneaux
Publisher: Mark C. Scioneaux Production
Age Group: Adult

Mark C. Scioneaux takes us to an isolated snippet of the zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s the beginning or not is unclear, and it doesn’t matter.

Tyler leaves his sick daughter in the care of his nelected wife when he leaves in the middle of a storm to meet his lover. He indulges in his affair while things at home go from bad to worse.

When he returns home, he gets trapped. His imprisonment is his salvation, or so he thinks, when zombies take over his building. But upstairs a plot is brewing that will be his undoing.

As the residents turn on each other, things get worse and Tyler loses more than he thought he ever would – his family.

This story is what I would call a “common” zombie tale. It has all the normal stuff: people dying; people coming back to life; and the reanimated eating the living. There were some parts where there was missing action and the reader had to assume some things that led to actions. There were also missing commas and misused words (examples of the ones I noticed: peak/peek, and teem/team), but were probably things most people wouldn’t notice. The gore in the story was fairly descriptive, but nothing was over the top. The twist I liked most of all was the title and its relativity to the story – you don’t “get it” until you start reading. I give this story 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q


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