Fluffs by Daniel I. Russell

Fluffs by Daniel I. Russell



Fluffs by Daniel I. Russell
Smashwords: #33108
Age Group: Adult
This story is by a friend of mine whom I’ve recently entered a reading circle with. Although I had downloaded the book awhile ago, the circle bumped me into action to finally read it.

Daniel I. Russell gets creative with his bloody horror and doesn’t mind pushing the limits to make you go ‘Wow!’ or ‘Eww!’. He knows how to truly entertain someone who doesn’t mind exploring that twisted place they have inside themselves.

Fluffs starts out in the life of a young man who likes to do drugs. Shaun’s sitting there, high, minding his own business, when something strange happens. He doesn’t realize at the time that what’s happening is real, I mean, come on, he’s high! But later he finds out the strange occurrences really did happen.

After the ‘Fluffs’ begin killing all around him, and even attack him in the meantime, he is deemed a murderer and taken to a mental hospital because of the deed of these mysterious, evil creatures. Still no one believes him, and in the end, although he is vindicated, the ‘Fluffs’ still have the upper hand, but not just with him…

The characterization in this story is great; you can see the characters as real people. The action keeps the story moving and words aren’t squandered on nonsense. I have to give this story 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q


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