Alien Siege by David Dickens

Alien Siege by David Dickens

Alien Siege by David Alan Dickens
ISN: 9781438239422
Age Group: Adult
Aliens are creatures that no matter how much we hear or see about them it always leaves us wondering. What if they are real? What would they really look like? Would they be friendly or hostile? In this book we find that aliens have been around for a long time – longer than any of us have dreamed, and they are hungry and waiting.David Alan Dickens pushes your mind’s limits as ancient gods of past civilizations stalk the present day population, seeking to sate their appetite for human flesh in this fast paced, exciting ride on the edge of planet Earth.

Mark Black becomes frustrated with life and himself when he looses almost everything he has in a game of cards. Now he’s just doing his job bulldozing down the Borabi jungle in India, making way for a mega railroad project. But strange mass graves filled with bones and ancient artifacts keep turning up as they excavate the sites, which leads to his meeting Tatiana, a beautiful woman who, through her research, has discovered the unearthly truth.

After Mark uncovers a very large, strange container that seems impervious to damage, they call in specialist to open it with a laser so they can see what’s inside. To everyone’s shock, when the unit is opened, they find radiation…and alien beings.

The military arrives to take control and a alarm goes off while they are harvesting some of the beings for research and it triggers other – superior in intellect – who start appearing around the globe. American leaders, as well as others around the world, scrabble to make sense of what is happening and to take action that will protect the people of Earth, but when the aliens use their radiation weaponry, it seems that there is no hope for anyone.

A fleet of ships departs from a far off galaxy to come to the aid of the vessels humanity has learned to take down, while the fate of the world rests on a shaky plan.

Will mankind survive? Or will everyone become victims of the Alien Siege?

This book was fun to read and was fast paced. It was easy for me to pick up and get back into the story. The biggest drawback for me was that there were a lot of characters and with everything moving so fast, you couldn’t really get in-depth with any of them, so I give this book a 2 QUILL rating.

Rating: 2Q


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