These Trespasses by Kenneth W. Cain

These Trespasses by Kenneth W. Cain



These Trespasses by Kenneth W. Cain
ISBN: 978-0615444147
Publisher: Post Mortem Press
Age Group: Adult
Do you like Scifi mixed in with your horror? Because that’s what you’re going to get when you read this book. But, you won’t have to leave the comfort of Earth, because it will all come to you, courtesy of the government!

Kenneth W. Cain spins a tale of otherworldly horror for us to delve into, ripping simple people just like us from their simple lives and tossing them to the wolves…er…aliens.

Marty gets quite a shock when his brother is bitten by a mosquito; it throws his calm world into a whirlwind of chaos…again. He doesn’t know how much he can take, but knows that he’ll never give up.

Sheila reads Marty’s note and finds hope – and something more – beyond the world of slaughter around her, and seeks him and his friends out for companionship before she joins the ranks of the dead, or worse!

Bernard, a kindly fellow and Marty’s right hand man, meets an end he wasn’t counting on, but finds a new life that isn’t his. Through it all, he finally learns to admit his love for Nancy, but will that be enough? Or will everything fall apart for them both?

Sandy and Ike are wild cards at best, but with hidden strengths. Will they bring good or bad to the small band of survivors?

Together they battle the aliens among them, seeking to understand and destroy what they can’t control, but can easily control them. Can they overcome their fear of being torn apart or captured to do what is needed to save the day?

The book was interesting and creative, there’s no doubt about that. But, it’s clear that it’s Kenneth W. Cain’s first novel. Some areas were unclear as to what was going on and the point of view was confusing, but despite the drawbacks, the story is still there and shines through and I look forward to reading more of his creations in the future. I give this book 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q


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