The Beer Chronicles by Scott Lange

The Beer Chronicles by Scott Lange


The Beer Chronicles: Tales From The Paddy Rodriguez Pub by Scott Lange
ISBN: 9780615444123
Publisher: Post Mortem Press
Age Group: Adult

Are you one of the many who love to hang out at the same bar, over and over? Does beer play a vital role in your existence? This is the book for you!

Scott Lange explores humanity’s simpler and habitual side, as he shows us their nature and how it can be their undoing – sometimes through a blanket of fear or unreality, sometimes through the everyday trials we all have to face.

The Beer Chronicles is a collection of short stories set around The Paddy Rodriguez Pub. They each hold a link to that one place, that one source of the perfect beer. Some of the patrons have trials close to home and their heart that they have to deal with, while others go on a journey far away before they understand the meanings of home and hearth.

I’m not going to mention all the stories, but here are a couple that I liked best.

“My Friend, Beer,” was a story of a woman and man meeting for the first time at a bar and hitting it off. But, unfortunately, the night doesn’t end as well as it started out.

This story took some turns I wasn’t expecting and it definitely got me geared up to continue on and see what else Scott had planned for his characters.

“Dude, Let Me Finish My Beer First!” was a story about some guys who needed to help their buddy out when something bad befell him. They were at the PR Pub and answered the call of their friend, and valiantly went to his aid. One of the guys starts taking control, acting like he’d dealt with a similar situation before, which freaks out the main character. But, things really start to get interesting when the cops pull them over…after that, nothing seems real anymore and all shit breaks loose.

This story was my favorite of the entire book. Some of the phrasing selections cracked me up the entire way through – I think I laughed at least once for every page turn, if not more. The ending is well worth the read as well, because you won’t see it coming.

Overall, the book was interesting and entertaining. There were a few times I was confused as some of the stories continue at different parts of the book. If you aren’t too picky on proper word usage and grammar, you’ll be okay too. But, I found that it was worth trudging through the mire to get to the story underneath. I give this book 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q


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