Snow’s Heat: Prowling Around by Nicole Hicks

Snow's Heat Prowling Around by Nicole Hicks

Snow’s Heat Prowling Around by Nicole Hicks



Snow’s Heat: Prowling Around by Nicole Hicks

ISBN: 978-1-936950-32-4

Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

Age Group: Adult


Sometimes animal urges and instant attraction makes people click. Nicole Hicks has given us a beautiful written and amusing story showing us how that can happen when you unleash and accept the animal within.


Bree is working on getting over the emotional drawbacks she’s been experiencing since her divorce. Her cheating husband made her feel like she wasn’t enough… She plans to burn him out of her memory and start fresh.

Travis is a man who has suffered his own pain and been changed in ways most people will never be able to acknowledge or accept. Being in the military changed his world, and his life, forever.

Travis doesn’t like it when Bree shows up to be a neighbor to his isolation, but he comes to grips with it as he gives in to his animal urge to make her his.


The editing for this story was almost flawless (I think I found three mistakes total, and that’s not a lot). I loved the humor and realistic ways the characters were portrayed and presented. The only place I felt this failed (but only slightly) was when Bree accepted Travis’ “special difference” without batting an eye. I felt she should have been slightly more alarmed than she was and that the reason behind her calm was weak. Saying that, since the story was so short, the author pulled it off okay.

Being erotica, the sex wasn’t as graphic as I expected. So, if you’re looking for a paranormal erotic/romance without too much detail, this would be a great short read for you.

I give this book: 2 QUILL.



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