Quill Rating System

1 QUILL – Wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but hey, you might like it. I would suggest seeing if you can borrow it from a library or picking it up at a yard sale or discount book store.

QUILL – I liked it. The book moved well and was an easy read. You could pick it up and put it down and stay ‘in’ the story. You might consider buying this if you want something light yet entertaining to read, but you won’t mind letting it out of your sight when you let friends borrow it.

3 QUILL – Wow! Loved it! The book blew me away with talent, thought, and originality. I became completely caught up in the story and couldn’t put it down, and if I had to I was thinking about it and couldn’t wait ‘til I could get back to it! You’ll definitely want to own this one because you’ll read it over and over and be dazzled every time. It’ll also go on the top shelf in the ‘Touch this and die!’ section.

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