Hell Cometh by Todd Card

Hell Cometh by Todd Card

Hell Cometh by Todd Card


Hell Cometh by Todd Card

ISBN: 978-0-9836558-4-8


Publisher: 8 Publishing

Age Group: Adult


Hell Cometh is just what the title promises as Todd Card unleashes the nightmare of Hell onto a lonely mountain town. Hicks and deviants, sluts and innocents – they’re all in danger in this tale of demonic possession.

An unwitting coal miner finds something in a shaft that he thinks he can make money on. He’s supposed to report any strange finds and leave them undisturbed, but dollar signs cloud his vision. He stashes the artifact and hopes to retrieve it later.

Two innocent children find the item and unwittingly unleash Hell on Earth.

Demon’s take over and make cannibal zombies out of normal, everyday folk. There’s no stopping them…

The only way to send Hell back to Hell is to destroy the object before it can be joined with others like it and bring Satan to Earth.

A small group of survivors battles the ravenous undead forces, and a visitor from Hell itself, in an attempt to save what’s left of their town, and, for some, the love that they share.

Many are lost to the dark forces along the way… Will they be able to seal up Hell in time? Or will they fail and fall victim to Hell itself?


I enjoyed this book very much. I love the creativity and depth the author went into, showing many forms of darkness – on Earth among humans, and in Hell. The book kept me guessing, which kept the pages turning.

I was disappointed with the editing/presentation of the book, which causes me to give this book a lower rating than I would have liked. Paragraphs were clumped together in a way that made POV confusing, and that added into the slipping from 2nd to 3rd person. Most of the time the 2nd to 3rd worked and was hard to notice, but at other times it was jarring. Inconsistency with spelling and punctuation also added to this. I loved the story so much that I wanted to hurl the book at the editor a few times. I felt the author and reader were cheated out of what could have been a stronger telling of an amazingly imaginative story.

I give the book: 2 QUILL



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