Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna



Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

ISBN-10: 0957103395

ISBN-13: 978-0957103399

ASIN: B009879QFQ

Publisher: Crowded Quarantine Publications

Age Group: Adult


The evil forces that are all around and among us can pounce whenever they desire. Douglas Vance Castagna unleashes one of the most evil female entities known to man on his readers…and leaves them wondering if they too will fall victim as her prey in the future.


A man paints a masterpiece. The painting embodies evil…beautiful evil. The piece of art embodies Lilith and makes her a possession of the masterpiece’s owner. She doesn’t want to be controlled or owned.

With wicked, evil vengeance, Lilith takes by force what won’t be given willingly.

A woman and a friend of the artist meet in a gallery in front of the masterpiece. Sparks ignite between them and things progress.

The artist dies… He has been murdered.

More strange murders occur, and the friend of the artist thinks he has things figured out only to realize too late that he too has been deceived and is now at risk.

Will they be able to stop Lilith with the help of some unexpected supernatural head hunters? Or will they all fall to their doom at Lilith’s feet?

I genuinely liked this story. There were a few flaws in editing, and the scene changes were abrupt and unexpected considering it was such a short story, but it was still good. I figured out what was going on before I was told, even the female twist (you’ll know what I mean by that once you’ve read the book). There were a few places where there was graphic sexual content, which doesn’t bother me, but might bother some. I think it added an intense fun factor to the overall story.

I give this book 2 QUILL.



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