Dying Days: Double Set 1 by Armand Rosamilia

Dying Days: Double Set 1 by Armand Rosamilia

Dying Days: Double Set 1 by Armand Rosamilia


Publisher: Rymfire Books


Dying Days: Origins

Tosha finds herself alone in the world ravished by the zombie apocalypse when her twin sister is attacked, bitten, and put down by a neighbor. She joins forces with the neighbor, but things don’t go as planned.

Her depression makes her survival hard. She eventually ventures out and comes in contact with other living people…but they aren’t friendly.

Will she survive it all and be able to move on?

(There are a couple of short stories following other characters at the end of the book.)


I enjoyed the characterization in Dying Days: Origins, which I think is Author Armand Rosamilia’s strongest asset. However, I was disappointed with some grammar and inconsistencies in the story. For example: Tosha was outside in the cold, wearing multiple layers of clothes and then, just a short time later when she comes inside, is doing a strip tease with only one pair of jeans on.

I give this book: 2 QUILLS



Still Dying: Select Scenes from Dying Days

This is a collection of stories that follow various characters from other Dying Days titles as they enter the zombie apocalypse: Jeff Beesler; Russ “Madman” Meyer; David Monsour; Michael Ross; Steve “The Breeze” Brack; Noah Stern; M.J. O’Neill; Brenda Ellis; Morris Chambers; Tosha Shorb; The Conner Family; and Armand Rosamilia.


Still Dying: Select Scenes from Dying Days is a collection of backstories of various characters in the Dying Days series. They are well written, entertaining, and interesting. Grammar mistakes are few and far between.

I give this book: 3 QUILLS


Because of the shortcomings of the first title in the set, I give this book an overall rating of 2 QUILLS.


Dead Men Tell No Tales by Jeffrey Kosh

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Jeffrey Kosh

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Jeffrey Kosh

An old man imparts a tale to a young sailor; it’s a tale of his past where the “Risen” roamed the seas freely. A “Mambo” (voodoo priestess) has the answer to the problem and is ready to sacrifice herself to save others.

Things don’t go exactly as planned, and although the Risen are taken care of, other issues arise.


This is an interesting and delightful pirate tale with dark elements, and I enjoyed it! I would definitely read more from Mr. Kosh.

Unfortunately there were some inconsistencies in accented dialogue, some grammar, and ebook formatting that I couldn’t overlook in my rating.


I give this book: 2 QUILLS



Zombies Don’t Cry: A Living Dead Love Story by Rusty Fischer

Zombies Don't Cry: A Living Dead Love Story by Rusty Fischer

Zombies Don’t Cry: A Living Dead Love Story by Rusty Fischer


Zombies Don’t Cry: A Living Dead Love Story by Rusty Fischer

ISBN-10: 1605423823

ISBN-13: 978-1605423821


Publisher: Medallion Press


Rusty Fischer turns the zombie genre on its head; nothing is of the norm, but it’s all still fun.

A seventeen-year-old girl named Maddy thinks her life is just starting to look up when the newest, hottest guy at her school asks her to a party. She doesn’t tell her best friend, because Hazel always has to be the center of attention and gets pissed off when she’s not.

Maddy sneaks out to go to the party, but it starts to storm while she’s walking there. She gets struck by lightning and goes down – she thinks for a few minutes, but for a couple hours – and turns for home because she’s a muddy mess and the lights are out at the house where the party was.

Once she gets home she realizes she doesn’t have a heartbeat and she’s not breathing. She panics and goes online to do a search for the “norms” of zombies. She’s informed, after taking a brief test, that she is a zombie and unless she wants to die for real, she has to eat brains, and soon!

She sneaks out again, this time to go to the all night grocer to ask for brains (an odd request). While she’s waiting, two odd-balls from her school show up and ask what she’s doing there. She fakes like she needed something else, but when the butcher brings out her brains, she’s busted.

They follow her out to the parking lot and she learns she’s not the only zombie around. As a matter of fact, they have to take her to register with the zombie counsel. They soon become her two new best friends.

Things just keep getting worse as Hazel gets curious as to the changes in Maddy’s life and appearance, Maddy learns there are bad zombies, and all hell breaks loose at their school dance.

Maddy has to choose between her life as she once knew it, and her new life as a zombie. And, on top of that, she’s confused about her feeling for two completely different guys.


I enjoyed this book (I read it in three days). I can see teen girls loving it. It’s a fun zombie story without the gore type horror. The book was extremely well edited – mistakes were few and far between.

I give this book: 3 QUILL


Death in the Times of Madness by Michael S. Gardner

Death in the Times of Madness by Michael S. Garnder

Death in the Times of Madness by Michael S. Garnder


Death in the Times of Madness by Michael S. Gardner

ISBN-10: 1481228196

ISBN-13: 978-1481228190



Michael S. Gardner is comfortable in the dark, and he takes the reader with him to search the shadows for sparks of fear.


Death in the Times of Madness is a short story collection consisting of many stories, the majority of them zombie related.

I would have liked to see more diversification, but if you like zombie stories, I’m sure there’s a tale or two in this collection that you’ll enjoy.

Some of the shorter stories, I would have liked to see fleshed out a bit more. Some didn’t feel complete to me.

My favorite story, by far, in the collection was Don’t (My Buddy Benny). The story was so clear and made you hate one of the characters and want slap some sense into him.

The story is about a man (an older man, a veteran) who is prepared to stay in his house if something should happen to bring the world to its knees.

A family shows up on his doorstep and he allows them entrance, for the sake of the woman and child.

The man of the family just can’t handle staying put, where it’s safe.

Loving him, his family is compelled to follow him.

This leads to all kinds of danger and pain for the family.

That’s all I’m going to tell you because I don’t want to ruin the story for you.


There were minor grammar issues, but nothing so bad as to ruin the book for you.


I give the book: 2 QUILL.



Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

ISBN-10: 1937727157

ISBN-13: 978-1937727154



Matt Durst takes the reader on a walk through a new world…one that is controlled with fear from the undead and the living.

Ian, a young man, is trapped in a world he doesn’t entirely agree with…maybe doesn’t agree with at all. But, he can’t voice it. No one can. It’s forbidden not to obey the church that rules everything now.

The undead are still a danger and service is required of the young. Ian must serve his time on the front lines. He leaves to do his duty, but doesn’t make it there. The plane he’s on crashes and things get complicated.

Now, with an array of other people, Ian must try to escape the dangerous undead creatures around him and make his way to safety – there are many hardships along the way.


At the beginning of this book I was excited to see how the author played out the apocalyptic scenario of the religious control of everything in the new world. But, because of the awkward way the book was written – more telling than showing – it didn’t take me long to be disappointed. Granted, the book isn’t a bad book, but there were spurts of dialogue versus narrative telling and they were off-putting. I didn’t like it. I felt that I was only being given information that the author thought I needed and I wasn’t getting anything from the characters. There were also pages wasted on useless informational rants that I thought weren’t needed. Altogether, I felt very much like an outsider while reading this book and would have liked to connect to the characters more.

There were some grammar issues here and there, but nothing major that bears mentioning.

I give the book: 1 QUILL.


Hell Cometh by Todd Card

Hell Cometh by Todd Card

Hell Cometh by Todd Card


Hell Cometh by Todd Card

ISBN: 978-0-9836558-4-8


Publisher: 8 Publishing

Age Group: Adult


Hell Cometh is just what the title promises as Todd Card unleashes the nightmare of Hell onto a lonely mountain town. Hicks and deviants, sluts and innocents – they’re all in danger in this tale of demonic possession.

An unwitting coal miner finds something in a shaft that he thinks he can make money on. He’s supposed to report any strange finds and leave them undisturbed, but dollar signs cloud his vision. He stashes the artifact and hopes to retrieve it later.

Two innocent children find the item and unwittingly unleash Hell on Earth.

Demon’s take over and make cannibal zombies out of normal, everyday folk. There’s no stopping them…

The only way to send Hell back to Hell is to destroy the object before it can be joined with others like it and bring Satan to Earth.

A small group of survivors battles the ravenous undead forces, and a visitor from Hell itself, in an attempt to save what’s left of their town, and, for some, the love that they share.

Many are lost to the dark forces along the way… Will they be able to seal up Hell in time? Or will they fail and fall victim to Hell itself?


I enjoyed this book very much. I love the creativity and depth the author went into, showing many forms of darkness – on Earth among humans, and in Hell. The book kept me guessing, which kept the pages turning.

I was disappointed with the editing/presentation of the book, which causes me to give this book a lower rating than I would have liked. Paragraphs were clumped together in a way that made POV confusing, and that added into the slipping from 2nd to 3rd person. Most of the time the 2nd to 3rd worked and was hard to notice, but at other times it was jarring. Inconsistency with spelling and punctuation also added to this. I loved the story so much that I wanted to hurl the book at the editor a few times. I felt the author and reader were cheated out of what could have been a stronger telling of an amazingly imaginative story.

I give the book: 2 QUILL


Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

ISBN-10: 1479315753
ISBN-13: 978-1479315758

Publisher: Severed Press

Age Group: YA – Adult Horror

Meta-horde keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Sean T. Page and John McCuaig have made the zombie apocalypse come to life for readers all over again in an exciting way!

What’s left of society is reeling about how they’re going to survive as the undead gather in large numbers to attack the living settlements. They keep gathering together and soon grow into a horde so large that no known force can stop them; it’s apparent action is needed. Scientists and military join forces to take drastic measures to stop the trend that will most definitely end them all.

When their plans fail – intercepted by another threat, a human one – they have to fight harder and think faster to even have a chance against the Meta-horde. Will they come up with a plan in time to save what’s left of mankind? Or will the undead claim everything in a hunger that can never be satisfied?

I loved this book. You find yourself trying to figure out what is going to happen next, only to be surprised time and again. It’s a twisted suspense story of survival and I give it 3 QUILL!
Rating: 3Q

The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tale by Mark C. Scioneaux

The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tales by Mark C. Scioneaux


The Glass Coffin: A Zombie Tales by Mark C. Scioneaux
Publisher: Mark C. Scioneaux Production
Age Group: Adult

Mark C. Scioneaux takes us to an isolated snippet of the zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s the beginning or not is unclear, and it doesn’t matter.

Tyler leaves his sick daughter in the care of his nelected wife when he leaves in the middle of a storm to meet his lover. He indulges in his affair while things at home go from bad to worse.

When he returns home, he gets trapped. His imprisonment is his salvation, or so he thinks, when zombies take over his building. But upstairs a plot is brewing that will be his undoing.

As the residents turn on each other, things get worse and Tyler loses more than he thought he ever would – his family.

This story is what I would call a “common” zombie tale. It has all the normal stuff: people dying; people coming back to life; and the reanimated eating the living. There were some parts where there was missing action and the reader had to assume some things that led to actions. There were also missing commas and misused words (examples of the ones I noticed: peak/peek, and teem/team), but were probably things most people wouldn’t notice. The gore in the story was fairly descriptive, but nothing was over the top. The twist I liked most of all was the title and its relativity to the story – you don’t “get it” until you start reading. I give this story 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q

Torres VS Zombies: 100 Survival Nuggets by Alfredo Torres

Torres VS Zombies: 100 Survival Nuggets by Alfredo Torres


Torres VS Zombies: 100 Survival Nuggets by Alfredo Torres
ASIN: B00624W6PU
Publisher: Boneyard Industries
Age Group: YA/Adult

Alfredo Torres doesn’t pull any punches as he guides you through the undead world. He slaps you upside the head while yelling, “DUH!”, and even makes you laugh as he does. Regardless of his methods, he’ll give you the need to know information that might save you from being a zombie snack.

100 Survival Nuggets is a humorous, yet informative, handbook of things to remember after zombies have taken over the world.

You could literally shove this collection of `survival nuggets’ into the hands of someone who knows nothing about survival or zombies, and know that they’ll learn something that might save their life or yours – if you decide they’re worth hanging with.

Here’s a list of my favorite `nuggets’: #s – 13, 18, 20, 21, 26, 31, 33, 36, 37, 41, 42, 46, 54, 55, 57, 61, 64, 65, 66, 68, 71, 76, 77, 85, 87, 92, 94, & 97.

I give Torres VS Zombies: 100 Survival Nuggets 3 QUILL, for being original, fun, and informative!

Rating: 3Q

Undead Reflections in a Jaundice Eye by K.B. Cutter

Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter

Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Age Group: Adult

A group of friends goes to a bar to unwind, and there is some conflict because they’re different – not everyone can handle the teasing of people of a different sexual orientation. A scuffle ensues and a man is kicked out of the bar.

After the conflict, they ignore the muted TV that’s telling them of a world meltdown and continue to drink and have a good time. Sex is the plan for later, and be damned anything that might get in the way.

While they’re enjoying themselves and downing more alcohol, the undead uprising is brought to the bar by the return of the disgruntled customer.

Things go south fast for the undead patron, but not before he has his first meal – complete with a side dish of genitals.

The relationships of the survivors fall apart as they try to survive… In the end, carnal desire is the only think to win out until death.

This story was a sexual blast through the world of the undead. The MC is pretty cynical, but that’s what’s needed to survive in sticky situations. At first I found the POV to be a bit erratic, but you get used to it and it all makes sense in the end. I give this book 2 QUILL.

Rating: 2Q