A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison


Algor X. Dennison offers readers an ebook with three tales.

A Mouth So Dark: This tale is about a boy who goes in search of a girl he cares for after her new guardian takes her away. He feels something is amiss and he is right.

Darkness in the West: A woman is sentenced to be hanged when she kills men who were after her father’s land.

The Flood: Two societal outcasts get revenge on the town that didn’t take the time to understand them.

I’m going to go through the tales one by one…

A Mouth So Dark: This story was not well fleshed out. The author failed to add any major conflict to the story and the resolution was too fast and devoid of any creativity. It was very disappointing.

Darkness in the West: This “story” wasn’t a story at all, but maybe the beginning of one. It just started to get interesting and it was over with nothing really to take away, because there wasn’t much there but set up.

The Flood: This was basically a supernatural tale with no set up. It was disjointed and not well played out.

On top of the above reasons of why I didn’t care for the stories of this book, there are the grammar mistakes and the mostly telling, not showing, aspect of the writer’s angle. All of these stories could be improved on if the author learns the craft of writing better and expands them out to full stories, not just hints of stories.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS



The Samaritan’s Pistol by Eric Bishop

The Samaritan's Pistol by Eric Bishop

The Samaritan’s Pistol by Eric Bishop



The Samaritan’s Pistol by Eric Bishop

ISBN-10: 1939967139

ISBN-13: 978-1939967138


Publisher: Jolly Fish Press

Age Group: YA to Adult


Life has a way of sucking people into situations they don’t want to be involved with and Eric Bishop shows us this with his story of reluctant entanglement.

Jim is a simple man, leading a simple life in the middle of a religion he doesn’t accept or really want anything to do with. But, when he’s forced into a life or death situation, he finds out how much his reluctant roots mean to him and his life.

As a war veteran, Jim knows how to handle a gun, much to the downfall of some mafia thugs who think they can throw their weight around in his territory. They find out the hard way that they shouldn’t underestimate him.

After the encounter, Jim finds himself in the middle between the law and some illegal dealings the man he saved is in. He makes his choices, does what he feels needs to be done, and handles the situation he’s in even though he doesn’t want to be there.

In the end, the rewards are worth the risks.


I liked this book. It has some extremely amusing and interesting parts to it. I was disappointed that I didn’t care about the characters more, but I was still a bit sad when the story was over. I found myself wondering more what was going to happen next, than I cared what happened to the characters in those situations.

I give this book, 2 QUILL.