Wild Girls by Lisa Morton

Wild Girls by Lisa Morton

Wild Girls by Lisa Morton

Wild Girls by Lisa Morton


Publisher: Crossroad Press & Bad Moon Books


Lisa Morton violently violates taboo and shocks the reader with the darkness humans can possess.


Men are showing up dead…and violated. No one has any idea who is committing the murders or why.

A reporter defies what local officials think and throws out the idea that maybe women are committing the horrendous acts; it is rejected.

More murders occur and it spins law officials and the murders closer together until everything becomes clear and others become collateral damage.


While the book is well written, I wasn’t overly impressed with the story or plot. Almost every character was messed up in some dark way. There were few people who were actually decent. This creates a one dimensional existence of all involved – they’re all focused on hurting someone because they are evil or were hurt and trying to get revenge. Even the characters that create the conflict to move the story forward are only involved in selfish actions to cause pain. Heck, even the character you believe will be the hero ends up turning to the dark side by the end. According to this story, there are no good people to save the world – everyone is evil and everyone is going to be abused and die a painful death.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS