Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesee

Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesee

Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesee

Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesee


Publisher: Jaime Johnesee, LLC


Jaime Johnesee brings readers into close proximity of a friendly zombie who is just trying to deal with his existence and the world around him.


Bob is now a zombie, and it’s all because his mother missed him too much to let him rest in peace. Now he has to deal with the new “life” he’s been dealt – there’s no way out.

He shares his struggles with his new friends and horde as he tries to help others out in his own kind way.


This book is a fun, playful, entertaining read that I can see teens loving, especially if they have short attention spans; it’s short. But, for me, it missed the mark on a couple points.

The plot in Bob the Zombie was almost nonexistent, as if it were an afterthought, thrown in half-heartedly. There was little conflict that would push the character/story forward. Also, I have to wonder if Bob was one of those people (before he became a zombie) that everyone avoided because he over shared. Like that person that if you sat by them on the bus would tell you the intimate details of his life whether you wanted to know them or not. Why do I say this? Because he shares everything about himself in what seems like a nonstop info dump. There is no mystery involved in his existence. The read tells everything in big clumps. This leads to it being great for younger readers who are eager for everything to make complete sense with no effort or tension involved. The book is more of a “memoir” of Bob’s life than an actual story, especially with the weaknesses in conflict and plot.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS