White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby


ISBN-10: 1925047938

ISBN-13: 978-1925047936

Publisher: Severed Press


Eric Dimbleby enjoys twisting a sick web of horror for his readers that stays with them long after they read his tales.


The world is coming to a slow, frozen end. Few people are left alive to deal with it and the other survivors – the ones who don’t want to get along and play nice.

Violence and death fall upon those who aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary. Some are forced to…

A woman is trapped at work and wants to get home to her husband and son, but she can’t. Not without the help of a man who would rather keep her all to himself.

They manage to make it a few miles in the snow, only to be attacked.

She has to find the darkness inside herself to survive if she ever wants to see her son again.

Meanwhile…a man who has vile intentions takes up residency in her home, with her family.

Will anything be left if she does manage to make it home alive?


This book shows the twisted darkness that lives inside those we don’t want to think about – the bad people who are evil for no reason, or just for the pleasure of hurting others. In that way, it’s excellent. I would have liked to see more strength in the seemly bipolar, weak-willed female that is the center of this tale; it would have gone a long way in making her more interesting overall. There are many, many grammar issues with this title, but it’s still worth the read.

I give this book: 2Q


Straight to You by David Moody

Straight to You by David Moody

Straight to You by David Moody


Straight to You by David Moody

ISBN-10: 0957656327

ISBN-13: 978-0957656321


Publisher: Infected Books


David Moody takes his readers on an emotion and physical ride through his nightmare of world ending destruction.


Steven and Sam experience an extremely personal emotion trauma, which neither of them really knows how to handle.

Steven shuts himself off and drowns himself in work. This affects their marriage badly.

While they’re dealing with their own life and hearts, the sun is on the verge of killing itself and the world.

Things around them keep getting worse, but they don’t pay close attention because they’re more concerned with their marriage and keeping things as normal as possible.

It’s not until Sam leaves to visit her father that Steven realizes his mistakes, but with the world falling apart faster than anyone thought possible, will he make it to her in time to straighten things out before it’s too late?

He races the deadly effects of the sun’s wrath to see the woman he loves one last time…but will he burn to death before he reaches her?


This book hit me a little too close to home for comfort – I was proud of myself for not bawling during the first few chapters. I’ve had personal experience (twice) with the traumatic, emotion struggle the couple deals with. That being said, Mr. Moody nailed it – the shutting off and distancing and the struggle with knowing how to deal with the situation at home and in public.

I thought the apocalyptic sun aspect of the story was fun, because it was different and there was no way anyone could really do anything about it. It’s the classic “the boat is going down and we’re all screwed” scenario that you don’t see too often anymore. Most people want at least that hope of salvation through some miracle. There’s none in this book. Just the hope of love and forgiveness.

I thought Steven’s journey was a bit long, but in reality, all that stuff probably would be in someone’s path to slow them down. In the end, it just showed his determination to make it where he wanted to go despite how much got in his way. Although, toward the end…he was really, really exhausted, but then flipped completely and could do things like walk and run easily that minutes before he couldn’t.

Note: The book has British grammar.

I give this book: 2 QUILLS


Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

ISBN-10: 1937727157

ISBN-13: 978-1937727154



Matt Durst takes the reader on a walk through a new world…one that is controlled with fear from the undead and the living.

Ian, a young man, is trapped in a world he doesn’t entirely agree with…maybe doesn’t agree with at all. But, he can’t voice it. No one can. It’s forbidden not to obey the church that rules everything now.

The undead are still a danger and service is required of the young. Ian must serve his time on the front lines. He leaves to do his duty, but doesn’t make it there. The plane he’s on crashes and things get complicated.

Now, with an array of other people, Ian must try to escape the dangerous undead creatures around him and make his way to safety – there are many hardships along the way.


At the beginning of this book I was excited to see how the author played out the apocalyptic scenario of the religious control of everything in the new world. But, because of the awkward way the book was written – more telling than showing – it didn’t take me long to be disappointed. Granted, the book isn’t a bad book, but there were spurts of dialogue versus narrative telling and they were off-putting. I didn’t like it. I felt that I was only being given information that the author thought I needed and I wasn’t getting anything from the characters. There were also pages wasted on useless informational rants that I thought weren’t needed. Altogether, I felt very much like an outsider while reading this book and would have liked to connect to the characters more.

There were some grammar issues here and there, but nothing major that bears mentioning.

I give the book: 1 QUILL.


Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

Meta-horde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

ISBN-10: 1479315753
ISBN-13: 978-1479315758

Publisher: Severed Press

Age Group: YA – Adult Horror

Meta-horde keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Sean T. Page and John McCuaig have made the zombie apocalypse come to life for readers all over again in an exciting way!

What’s left of society is reeling about how they’re going to survive as the undead gather in large numbers to attack the living settlements. They keep gathering together and soon grow into a horde so large that no known force can stop them; it’s apparent action is needed. Scientists and military join forces to take drastic measures to stop the trend that will most definitely end them all.

When their plans fail – intercepted by another threat, a human one – they have to fight harder and think faster to even have a chance against the Meta-horde. Will they come up with a plan in time to save what’s left of mankind? Or will the undead claim everything in a hunger that can never be satisfied?

I loved this book. You find yourself trying to figure out what is going to happen next, only to be surprised time and again. It’s a twisted suspense story of survival and I give it 3 QUILL!
Rating: 3Q

Comes the Dark by Patrick D’Orazio

Comes the Dark by Patrick D’Orazio

Comes The Dark by Patrick D’Orazio
ISBN: 9781453701287
Publisher: Library Of The Living Dead
Age Group: Adult
Comes The Dark is the first in a zombie apocalyptic series by Patrick D’Orazio.

Patrick D’Orazio knows how to suck you into his characters, so that you feel like you’re seeing life, and death, through their eyes.

Comes The Dark starts with Jeff, a man returning to his home and family from a foraging trip, after the zombie apocalypse has ravaged the Earth. What he finds changes his life, his existence, and his soul. He makes the hard decisions necessary to shut out his past and continue his existence in the future.

A journey begins, and along the way an eclectic array of companions are collected, all suffering from the effects of the world as it is now: full of zombies. They struggle with their humanity as they fight against the endless horde of undead shamblers.

Every turn, every town, brings a new challenge and another battle to stay alive. They strive to make the right choices, but every move they make seems to lead them to more trouble.

Will they make it to see the next day? Or the next after that?

This novel was very scrupulous in keeping things ‘real’. So much so, that nothing takes you out of the story, wondering or thinking something might not be possible. The characters are all unique in their own way and compel you to believe they’re real, despite the fiction aspects of the book. I give it a 2 QUILL rating for characterization and realism.

Rating: 2Q


Alien Siege by David Dickens

Alien Siege by David Dickens

Alien Siege by David Alan Dickens
ISN: 9781438239422
Age Group: Adult
Aliens are creatures that no matter how much we hear or see about them it always leaves us wondering. What if they are real? What would they really look like? Would they be friendly or hostile? In this book we find that aliens have been around for a long time – longer than any of us have dreamed, and they are hungry and waiting.David Alan Dickens pushes your mind’s limits as ancient gods of past civilizations stalk the present day population, seeking to sate their appetite for human flesh in this fast paced, exciting ride on the edge of planet Earth.

Mark Black becomes frustrated with life and himself when he looses almost everything he has in a game of cards. Now he’s just doing his job bulldozing down the Borabi jungle in India, making way for a mega railroad project. But strange mass graves filled with bones and ancient artifacts keep turning up as they excavate the sites, which leads to his meeting Tatiana, a beautiful woman who, through her research, has discovered the unearthly truth.

After Mark uncovers a very large, strange container that seems impervious to damage, they call in specialist to open it with a laser so they can see what’s inside. To everyone’s shock, when the unit is opened, they find radiation…and alien beings.

The military arrives to take control and a alarm goes off while they are harvesting some of the beings for research and it triggers other – superior in intellect – who start appearing around the globe. American leaders, as well as others around the world, scrabble to make sense of what is happening and to take action that will protect the people of Earth, but when the aliens use their radiation weaponry, it seems that there is no hope for anyone.

A fleet of ships departs from a far off galaxy to come to the aid of the vessels humanity has learned to take down, while the fate of the world rests on a shaky plan.

Will mankind survive? Or will everyone become victims of the Alien Siege?

This book was fun to read and was fast paced. It was easy for me to pick up and get back into the story. The biggest drawback for me was that there were a lot of characters and with everything moving so fast, you couldn’t really get in-depth with any of them, so I give this book a 2 QUILL rating.

Rating: 2Q