Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown


ISBN-10: 0615750516

ISBN-13: 978-0615750514

Publisher: Great Lakes Artists Group


Eric S. Brown delivers a fantastical tale of deep sea action.

When a sea monster the likes of which had never been seen before attacks boats and eats people, the military enlists the help of scientist. When they hit a brick wall – with no more options – they seek out the help of a secret society that specializes in hunting the…unusual.


The action and possibility of the story was fun, but the book was very short, considering it claims to be a novel on the cover. There was no time for the reader to get vested in any of the characters or to care what happened to them. Also, there were numerous grammar errors: the tenses switched from present to past tense often, or at times were mixed together; there were missing or extra words; and there were wrong words used.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS


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