White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby

White Out by Eric Dimbleby


ISBN-10: 1925047938

ISBN-13: 978-1925047936

Publisher: Severed Press


Eric Dimbleby enjoys twisting a sick web of horror for his readers that stays with them long after they read his tales.


The world is coming to a slow, frozen end. Few people are left alive to deal with it and the other survivors – the ones who don’t want to get along and play nice.

Violence and death fall upon those who aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary. Some are forced to…

A woman is trapped at work and wants to get home to her husband and son, but she can’t. Not without the help of a man who would rather keep her all to himself.

They manage to make it a few miles in the snow, only to be attacked.

She has to find the darkness inside herself to survive if she ever wants to see her son again.

Meanwhile…a man who has vile intentions takes up residency in her home, with her family.

Will anything be left if she does manage to make it home alive?


This book shows the twisted darkness that lives inside those we don’t want to think about – the bad people who are evil for no reason, or just for the pleasure of hurting others. In that way, it’s excellent. I would have liked to see more strength in the seemly bipolar, weak-willed female that is the center of this tale; it would have gone a long way in making her more interesting overall. There are many, many grammar issues with this title, but it’s still worth the read.

I give this book: 2Q


Poisoned Web by Crista McHugh

Poisoned Web by Crista McHugh

Poisoned Web by Crista McHugh

Poisoned Web (Diezian Empire Book 2) by Crista McHugh


ISBN-10: 1940559995

ISBN-13: 978-1940559995

Publisher: Crista McHugh


Crista McHugh rockets readers into her created world with style and grace.


A slave assists the investigator who is helping her mistress uncover the secrets of poison and murder. They dig deep into the past and a forbidden culture that holds not only the answers, but countless dangers for many.

Their investigation turns up way more than they planned on, but will they find the answers in time to save the life of their current emperor?


This book was interesting and the characters were relatable. I could tell where the story was going, but I still enjoyed the journey. There was plenty of conflict to build tension and a satisfying resolution. There were some grammar mistakes, but nothing overly major that took away from the story.

I give this book: 2 QUILLS


A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison

A Darkened Landscape by Algor X. Dennison


Algor X. Dennison offers readers an ebook with three tales.

A Mouth So Dark: This tale is about a boy who goes in search of a girl he cares for after her new guardian takes her away. He feels something is amiss and he is right.

Darkness in the West: A woman is sentenced to be hanged when she kills men who were after her father’s land.

The Flood: Two societal outcasts get revenge on the town that didn’t take the time to understand them.

I’m going to go through the tales one by one…

A Mouth So Dark: This story was not well fleshed out. The author failed to add any major conflict to the story and the resolution was too fast and devoid of any creativity. It was very disappointing.

Darkness in the West: This “story” wasn’t a story at all, but maybe the beginning of one. It just started to get interesting and it was over with nothing really to take away, because there wasn’t much there but set up.

The Flood: This was basically a supernatural tale with no set up. It was disjointed and not well played out.

On top of the above reasons of why I didn’t care for the stories of this book, there are the grammar mistakes and the mostly telling, not showing, aspect of the writer’s angle. All of these stories could be improved on if the author learns the craft of writing better and expands them out to full stories, not just hints of stories.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS


Conduit by Angie Martin

Conduit by Angie Martin

Conduit by Angie Martin

Conduit by Angie Martin


ISBN-10: 1499195281

ISBN-13: 978-1499195286

Publisher: Indie World Publishing & Author Services


Angie Martin spins a web of intrigue with completely believable and relatable characters.

Emily Monroe has always been psychic, but she shares her secret with precious few people. Her partner at her detective firm knows she is, and others just know she’s…special.

When Emily and her partner are invited to help the local law enforcement with a serial killer investigation, she finds herself more involved than she wants to be.

The serial killer is doing what he does for a reason…he wants Emily to hear him. She doesn’t know why, and she doesn’t know who he is. He’s also psychic and she finds herself in more trouble than she ever thought possible.

Through a chance encounter, Emily meets another psychic, one that makes her feel more alive than she has in a long time. He helps her deal with the darkness the serial killer is brining into her life. But, will he truly be her salvation?


I didn’t know what I was getting into with this book; I downloaded it off the Free Kindle list. I was pleasantly surprised by the read. While I could predict most of what happened in the story, I still enjoyed the journey. The characters are believable and relatable. There are a few grammar mistakes, but not many. Overall, it’s a great book.

I give this book: 3 QUILLS


Spider Soup by Lori R. Lopez

Spider Soup by Lori R. Lopez

Spider Soup by Lori R. Lopez

Spider Soup by Lori R. Lopez



Lori R. Lopez takes the reader into some uncomfortable places…and turns their world upside down.

A couple inherited a house from a strange elderly family member – one that protected and cared for the spiders in the house. They do the same in the spirit of their loved one’s memory.

One night they wake up and find out that all of their spider friends have turned on them; they’re spun in webs and are being hauled to the basement.


This story is fairytale-esque, from the fantastically strained plot to the cliché dialogue between the characters. Some might find this charming, but all it did for me was keep me from connecting with the characters or story. There was also parts where the POV was confusing, and the story was packed with rhetorical questions. Otherwise, there were a few grammar issues.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS


Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown

Bloop by Eric S. Brown


ISBN-10: 0615750516

ISBN-13: 978-0615750514

Publisher: Great Lakes Artists Group


Eric S. Brown delivers a fantastical tale of deep sea action.

When a sea monster the likes of which had never been seen before attacks boats and eats people, the military enlists the help of scientist. When they hit a brick wall – with no more options – they seek out the help of a secret society that specializes in hunting the…unusual.


The action and possibility of the story was fun, but the book was very short, considering it claims to be a novel on the cover. There was no time for the reader to get vested in any of the characters or to care what happened to them. Also, there were numerous grammar errors: the tenses switched from present to past tense often, or at times were mixed together; there were missing or extra words; and there were wrong words used.

I give this book: 1 QUILLS