Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

Dead Things by Matt Darst


Dead Things by Matt Darst

ISBN-10: 1937727157

ISBN-13: 978-1937727154



Matt Durst takes the reader on a walk through a new world…one that is controlled with fear from the undead and the living.

Ian, a young man, is trapped in a world he doesn’t entirely agree with…maybe doesn’t agree with at all. But, he can’t voice it. No one can. It’s forbidden not to obey the church that rules everything now.

The undead are still a danger and service is required of the young. Ian must serve his time on the front lines. He leaves to do his duty, but doesn’t make it there. The plane he’s on crashes and things get complicated.

Now, with an array of other people, Ian must try to escape the dangerous undead creatures around him and make his way to safety – there are many hardships along the way.


At the beginning of this book I was excited to see how the author played out the apocalyptic scenario of the religious control of everything in the new world. But, because of the awkward way the book was written – more telling than showing – it didn’t take me long to be disappointed. Granted, the book isn’t a bad book, but there were spurts of dialogue versus narrative telling and they were off-putting. I didn’t like it. I felt that I was only being given information that the author thought I needed and I wasn’t getting anything from the characters. There were also pages wasted on useless informational rants that I thought weren’t needed. Altogether, I felt very much like an outsider while reading this book and would have liked to connect to the characters more.

There were some grammar issues here and there, but nothing major that bears mentioning.

I give the book: 1 QUILL.



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