Unspoken by Nikolas Robinson

Unspoken by Nikolas Robinson

Unspoken by Nikolas Robinson


Unspoken by Nikolas Robinson

ISBN-10: 1478116420

ISBN-13: 978-1478116424


Publisher: Domus Necrophagous Media

Age Group: YA to Adult


Sometimes people get trapped within themselves, not because they’re sick, but because they’re scared. Nikolas Robinson shows us what this can be like… The mind is only as strong or as weak as we let it be, until it’s gone and it’s too late to even hope anymore.

Nathan is an emotional stunted man for various reasons. He doesn’t trust himself, so he definitely doesn’t trust other people.  His life is one of solitude, by choice.

He chooses to be solitary. He chooses to believe no one will love him or ever accept his love. His self-esteem is broken.

He falls in love with a co-worker, but he won’t/can’t tell her of his feelings.

The world is plagued by a strange sickness that makes everyone disappear within themselves just as he’s ready to open up, leaving him in solitude once again.


I wasn’t overly impressed with this book, but then I started to think about it more. I couldn’t help but realize this would be a good read for someone who is dealing with the care of a loved one who has mental problems, or someone who has low self-esteem. This book could help both in different ways; it truly shows the inner turmoil and pain someone could go through dealing with both. So, while this isn’t really a great book for me, I can see how someone else might love it and/or find it insightful.

There are a few mistakes, but nothing major. My biggest annoyance was the constant repetition and inconsistencies.

I give this book: 1 QUILL



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