Please Don’t Go by Eric Dimbleby

Please Don't Go by Eric Dimbleby

Please Don’t Go by Eric Dimbleby



Please Don’t Go by Eric Dimbleby

ISBN 10: 1617060828

ISBN 13: 978-1611060823

Publisher: Pill Hill Press

Age Group: Adult Horror


Please Don’t Go is a twisted ride through torment of unimaginable extent. Eric Dimbleby tells a tale that will shatter your will and make you fear the unknown.

A young man named Zephyr is working his way through college and trying to figure out the future of his life. Unexpectedly – because of a work delivery – he meets a man, a writer, whom he befriends and idolizes.

The writer is tormented, mad, out of his tree, or so Zephyr thinks…

A trick changes Zephyr’s life and throws all his plans for a happy future out the window, but he doesn’t give up.

He fights hard.

It isn’t hard enough.

In the end, he comes to terms with what has befallen him, even though it sickens his very soul.

This was an amazing book. I was never sure what would happen next. There was a lot of emotional turmoil as well as plenty of gore. Even the end surprised me. The only real drawback for me was that I didn’t feel the cover matched the level of writing. But, with that being said, the cover helps me depict the scene it’s modeled after clearly. I give it 3 QUILL!


Rating: 3Q

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