Shadow’s End by Courtney Rene

Shadow’s End by Courtney Rene

Shadow’s End by Courtney Rene


Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

Age Group: Young Adult

The world of shadow walkers is growing…and they’re finding they have more abilities and allies than they originally thought. Sunny is struggling to balance her new world/life in Acadia with her simple existence in the water realm – Earth.

Courtney Rene continues Sunny’s journey and experience in book three of the Shadow Dancer series, with Shadow’s End.

In Shadow’s End we find Sunny trying to deal with the betrayal and deception of her previous relationships while she tackles the complications of her life. How is she going to do what needs doing in Arcadia and still live a normal ‘teen life’ on Earth? Family, friends, and males have her pulled in various directions and she’s lost most of the time.

Through various circumstances, she learns that there’s more to her world(s) than anyone previously knew. And with that knowledge, and more about her real mother and how she died, Sunny starts to become stronger and tackles the challenges of her life head on.

With the help and assistance of many, she learns there’s strength in numbers even when time is running short. Quick thinking, kind actions, and real caring play big roles in the outcome of this young woman’s existence.

The book sucks you in and makes you care about Sunny – her world and her struggles. Along the way, the story takes twists and gives you little surprises that you weren’t expecting. I give Shadow’s End 3 QUILL.

Rating: 3Q


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