Zombie Mist by J Wiz

Zombie Mist by J Wiz


Zombie Mist by J Wiz
Age Group: Middle Grade

J Wiz hops on the writing scene with a splendid tale of undead action and mayhem.

Nolan and his family move to a new town. He’s not much impressed with the place and struggles to feel comfortable. Spending most of his time at home and inside while he’s adjusting, he finds a strange hiding place in his basement, which contains a key.

Eventually, Nolan makes some friends and they start telling him stories about a man who used to live in their little town. One thing leads to another and they figure out what the key is for, and then they wish they hadn’t.

The Zombie Mist rises, bringing forth more than just the undead. Nolan’s family and friends are in trouble and it’s all his fault. Will he be able to figure things out and save them all? Or will the Zombie Mist take everything from him?

This book is an action packed delight of undead horror and drama. The age group is set perfectly and the author keeps the reader enthralled throughout the entire tale. I give this book 3 QUILL for being an all around great read.

Rating: 3Q


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