A Howl in the Night by Courtney Rene

A Howl in the Night by Courtney Rene


A Howl in the Night by Courtney Rene
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Age Group: YA

A Howl in the Night is a story of a girl who finds herself alone when her father sudden reenters her life on her sixteenth birthday and corrupts her relationship with her mother. What’s worse is that her mother turns against her and does what her father wants – they try to imprison her in an abusive relationship even though she’s considered imperfect and can’t shape shift like her father.

She is truly alone because her best friend just told her that he loves her, and since she doesn’t return his feelings, he can’t be around her. There is nowhere for her to turn for help.

The only creature she finds solace with is a wolf she met in the woods. He’s a loyal friend, who doesn’t demand anything of her – he’s the only comfort she has as her world is shredded with confusion, emotions, and control.

The wolf is more than she expects, and becomes her source of sanctuary. She’s accepted, but she still doesn’t know who she is, which side she’s on, or what she wants.

She’s at war with herself. She’s at war with her family. She’s the source of the war between two clans of shifters.

To bring peace to them all, she must find something within herself…

I really enjoyed this book; it was easy to read and moved fast with realistic and fascinating characters. You find yourself cheering for those you like and scowling at the ones you don’t. The emotions feel real, as you’re in the girl’s head – Abigail – since the story is in first person. It’s a perfect read for a teen girl, but I feel that even boys would enjoy it. I give this book 3 QUILL.

Rating: 3Q


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