Samhane by Daniel I. Russell

Samhane by Daniel I. Russell



Samhane by Daniel I. Russell
ISBN: 978-0-9824969-8-5
Publisher: Stygian Publications
Age Group: Adult
After much waiting and anticipation I finally got to tear into Samhane, a truly twisted horror story with many faceted aspects to scare your pants off.

Daniel I. Russell weaves a tale of horror that isn’t afraid to take the step up to extreme, delving into the deepest and darkest of your fears to excite, scare, and disgust you all at once. The sheer brilliance of the mix presses your mind to its limits and holds you at the edge of your seat as you wait to find out what’s down the next twisted path.

Donald Patterson innocently buys a laptop online and goes to pick it up, since the seller lives close by. He doesn’t at the time know of the man, Roger’s, twisted, dark secrets. But, after returning home and finding a ‘questionable’ video left in the computer, Don begins to wonder about the source of his purchase. Unfortunately, his lack of action leads to his fiancé, Beverly’s, abduction. He pursues Roger to Samhane, seeking to rescue the woman he loves.

Meanwhile… Brian Rathbone and his son, Sam, are stuck in Samhane, dealing with the monsters on the loose that are terrorizing the town. Brian, unsure of what’s really going on, tries to keep his mouth shut and pick up his paycheck, putting his life, and his son’s, in danger.

Together will they be able to stop The Order of Zandathru, God of Chaos? Or will they all die in the twisted confines of the small town of Samhane?

Daniel dazzles me with his characterization, which is VERY believable, while at the same time he holds the tension aloft until the very end of the book, keeping the reader with him the entire time. I also admire his strength as a writer to not be afraid to mix in some extreme elements that scare most of us, but we aren’t willing to admit openly. While it might disgust you, at the same time, you know you wouldn’t want to be in the victim’s shoes. I have to rate this book at 3 QUILL. You’ll want to read it over and over again, enjoying it (shuddering) each and every time.

Rating: 3Q


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