Attack of the Vampire Snowmen by Benny Alano

Attack of the Vampire Snowmen by Benny Alano


Attack Of The Vampire Snowmen by Benny Alano
ISBN: 13-978-1460973516
Age Group: Middle Grade
You don’t see too many ‘inventive’ Christmas stories anymore – people seem to want to stay with the classic, well tried stories. If you want something that will change your mind about everything Christmas and carry you on a journey of fresh imagination and daring, this is a book you’ll enjoy.

Benny Alano takes vampires, zombies, and all things Christmas, throws them into the blender of your mind and produces a delightful concoction that will leave you drooling for more.

In the story, Laidenn, an elf at Santa’s workshop, finds out there is a dark side that wants to destroy Christmas – Vampire Elves who sneak in and try to mess up the toy making process; he soon finds out there is more to it than that when they transform into Vampire Snowmen. With Santa’s help, he begins training to become a ‘Dark Elf’ so that he can help protect the Christmas he loves.

His training is not yet complete when Santa is kidnaped by the dark side of the Christmas tree, and he has to convince the other, oblivious elves of the danger Santa is in and enlist their help. His finds his biggest allie in Mrs. Claus who shows him how to summon the Undead Elves he needs to make his rescue a success.

When the Undead Elves arrive on the scene, Laidenn is reunited with an old friend who will help him greatly in becoming a ‘true’ Dark Elf and save Christmas as we know it.

Because of originality I have to rate this book at 3 QUILL. For a Middle Grader it will be an exciting book they’ll love and will read again and again!

Rating: 3Q


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